Precintia Productos por familia

Find our product families grouped by application type.
Below are the families of cash collection products we have in stock the following types of cash collection seals

  1. TEN-LOK RFID adjustable flange indicative seal: adjustable flange type.  L
  2. SAFEPOL security bag seal: for bags with security locks.
  3. ENVOPOL security bag seal: bag seal with security locks.
  4. Trapezoidal bag: trapezoidal security bag for transport of documents or cash.
  5. CIT security bag: high resistance polyethylene bag.
  6. Sampling bags: security bags.
  7. High security envelope with anti-handling adhesive: high security envelopes.
  8. Customized security envelopes: high security envelopes, reusable or permanent.
  9. High security envelopes with high security adhesive: high security envelopes for transporting funds.
  10. Narcotics envelopes: high security envelopes.


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