Precintia Productos por familia

Find our product families grouped by application type. Below are the product families of airport seals and derivatives.

PRECINTIA has been supplying for several years security seals, products to airlines, catering companies and airports.

In the airlines we offer security seals for:

– Catering trolleys, and on board sales trolleys.

– Seals for First Aid Kits, Life Jacket Seals and Business Class Seals.

The most used are the indicative seals HAND-LOK, PULL TITE, PULL FLY and NIFTY LOK security seals.

In addition, we offer security labels for access control of:

a) airplane doors (complying with the law of overnight stay of the airplanes in the airports) and of,

(b) access to toilet doors.

We also supply security bags for tobacco sales or transport of documentation between airlines.

In addition, duty free companies use security labels (KTL, KTL+,CKR,CKNR ) for the control of goods as well as STEB bags for alcoholic beverages.

Finally, PRECINTIA INTERNATIONAL SL also offers plastic coin holders as in compliance with airport seals and derivatives.

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