Precintia Productos por familia

Find our product families grouped by type of application. The product families of Seals for cargo containers (air or sea or land) are shown below. The articles of this family of seals for cargo containers (air or sea or land) are:

1. TEN-LOK RFID adjustable flange indicative seal.
2. POLY LOK ring type seal.
3. The high security CS3 barrier. Applicable metal seal for cargo containers.
4. The CS3 barrier security seal. Applicable seal for cargo containers.
5. The CLIK-LOK barrier security seal.
6. The CLIK-LOK 3 high security barrier seal.
7. WIN-LOK adjustable cable type security barrier seal.
8. The F-150 adjustable cable security seal. Steel cable and not preformed.
9. The F-350 / F-500 adjustable cable security seal. Braided and non-preformed cable.
10. The NIFTY-LOK adjustable cable metal seal.

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