Precintia Productos por familia

Find our product families grouped by application type.
Below are the product families of Cutting room seals. In our stock, as cutting room seals, we have

1. TEN-LOK RFID adjustable flange indicative seal: Adjustable flange indicative seal

2. HAND-LOK padlock seal. Indicative padlock seal. Then there is the,

3. BI-LOK fixed length seal. Indicative fixed length seal. Then there is the,

4. Indicative seal TEN-LOK adjustable flange. Adjustable flange type indicative seal. Then there is the,

5. TEN-LOK 3.8 adjustable flange: indicative seal, adjustable flange type. Then there is the,

6. POLY LOK ring type seal: indicative ring type seal. Then there is the,

7. SECUR HASP padlock seal: indicative padlock seal.

8. Hanger for hams – Hangers: hanger for Iberian, Serrano or white hams and shoulders. Then there is the,

9. LILO SIGIL identification label: identification labels. Then there is the,

10. ARROW TAG: identification tags.