Precintia Productos por familia

Find our product families grouped by application.
The families of food seals and food traceability are shown below.

This set of applications includes seals for food and food traceability, such as: TEN-LOK RFID, HAND-LOK, BI-LOK, TEN-LOK, TEN-LOK 3.8, WAY-LOK, SAFE-LOK, PULL-FLY, SECUR HASP and FLANGES for HAMSCRAP.

1. Applicable for the food sector, funds transport and / or banking, retail (online sales, large stores, retail trade), baggage control, logistics and ground transportation.

2. Recommended for hams and shoulders (food traceability), coin sacks, truck doors, crocodile boxes, exit control of goods in terminals and / or warehouses.

3. At PRECINTIA INTERNATIONAL SL we have the perfect solution for reading your parts without it having to be manual.
4. We recommend that if you request this type of seal, a barcode also go there to allow you to track the encoded numbering and complement the RFID system.
5. Laser marking which offers a very high level of security. It cannot be deleted.

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