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The following are the product families of Sample Seals.

TEN-LOK adjustable flange indicative seal. Then there is the,

NEW-LOK multifunctional seal. Then there’s the,

Indicative seal SECURE TITE adjustable flange. Then there is the,

BIG TITE adjustable flange. Then there’s the,

Sample-drawing bags.

The pharmaceutical industry works with chemical solutions and part of its work consists of carrying out quality control processes for drugs or researching the development of new drugs. This is a great responsibility, because this task allows to improve the health or to save the life of many sick people. In order to carry out these chemical analyses, whether at the pharmaceutical or cosmetic level, they will take samples which will be analysed in the laboratory. Security seals for samples ensure that the contents of the containers are kept in the best possible condition. Through this task they manage to improve or discover new products, which report a benefit for health and beauty.

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