Precintia Productos por familia

Find our product families grouped by application type.
Below are the product families of truck door seals.

These trailers can have many different types of security mechanisms to seal their doors. In stock, we have the following truck door seals

1. WITTY-LOK ring type seal: indicative ring type seal.
2. Adjustable flange indicative seal TEN-LOK: Adjustable flange indicative seal
3. Multifunctional seal NEW-LOK: indicative multifunctional seal.
4. Adjustable flange BIG TITE: indicative seal with adjustable flange.
5. POLY LOK: indicative ring seal.
6. WIN-LOK adjustable cable seal: adjustable cable safety barrier seal.
7. Adjustable cable seal NIFTY-LOK: adjustable cable safety barrier seal.
8. SHIPPING-LOK: Metal ring type seal with fixed length.
9. BALL SEAL: indicative fixed length seal.

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