Best practice for the use of security seals

Best practice for the use of security seals

In many sectors, security seals are a highly prized commodity. For example, in the food sector they are an extremely valuable guarantee of quality since, without them, products within the corresponding category cannot be offered for sale. In other cases, such as hunting, security seals regulate the hunting activity; a seal here equates to the ability to shoot a prey, and its incorrect placement can lead to severe financial penalties. This means that the correct use of security seals is key to the prevention of fraud. How are security seals used? In this article we describe best practices.

Best practice for the use of security seals

To avoid bad practices and errors in the use of security seals, it is advisable to take into account the following tips:

  • Monitor who has access to the seals: appoint a person responsible for security seals in the company. The employee must be properly trained in the handling of seals and it will be their responsibility to determine when they are needed.


  • Store them in a location where they are properly conserved and controlled: access to the seals must be under lock and key to prevent shrinkage and avoid attempts at fraud by employees or even people from outside the company.


Security seal usage log

  • Keep a log with the use of security seals: this log will allow you to agree on the timely supply of seals and avoid running out of stock. Where the particular type of seal requires two separate parts, these should be stored together (for example, the metal cable of Euro TooLess seals), as well as any tools required for fitting them.


  • Follow the instructions for the use of security seals, paying careful attention to each step; manufacturers of security seals must provide all the necessary information for the proper conservation and placement of each model of security seal.


  • It is advisable to take photographs of the application of the seals; there are many players involved in the supply chain through which the security seals pass. So it is crucial to have a test that shows the proper installation of the seal in case of possible accidents.


  • Stay up-to-date with the new regulations: It’s a good idea to keep up-to-date with the possible changes that are on the way, not only in the certification of seals, but also in terms of new models or, for example, technology applied to identification, traceability and types of marking. There’s no better way than following the specialized media or blogs of security seal manufacturers such as Precintia.


Although at first sight it may go unnoticed, the correct use of security seals is essential for the operation of many companies. If you have any questions about this, please count on us: We will be happy to resolve all your questions!

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