The ISO 17712 standard defines the types of security seals and sets the basic general requirements and the tests that the seals must pass in order to be certified under this standard.

Main characteristics of the ISO 17712 standard:


                  • The security seals must be unique, no two can be the same and must be marked with the corresponding information.
                  • The design should be easy to review and determine if it is being used well or is being implemented poorly.
                  • They are single use: when removed, the seals must be destroyed and unusable.

 The ISO 17712 standard defines three types of seals according to their closing strength:

  1. Indicative seal

They can be plastic or metal seals, they are the ones with the least resistance. They must include the marking in order including the numbering and the logo of the company.



Our main indicative metal seals:

  • Ring-type metal seal such as the Shipping-Lok model that has a security device next to the closure that evidences the attempted tampering.
  • Metal padlock-type seal: Like the Precintia Secur Hasp model, whose metal closure is made of stainless steel on a polypropylene body.



  1. Security seal

This type of seal, like our Flexi-grip F-150 seal, has a braided galvanized steel metal cable combined with an aluminum body. If there has been a breach of the seal, it must be evident during an inspection. They are also marked with numerical information and the logo.

These seals have up to 231 kg. of tensile strength.






  1. High security seal

Unlike the previous seal, these are made with materials that have great resistance or incorporate thicker cables. Prevents and hinders an attempt to open or tamper with the seal.

Our high security seals are:

  • The Click-lok 4 barrier type seal, specially designed for sea containers. It has a steel shaft and an ABS bushing with a steel core and an anti-spin system.

High security is a tensile strength greater than 1,019 kg. In addition, for its removal it is necessary to have advanced special tools.


Its main applications are for the transport of goods: the high-security ones can be used in maritime containers. Those metal security seals are also used to secure truck trailers in international road freight transport, as they are regulated by TIR regulations.


If you are looking for a specific metalic seal and you’re not sure which one would suit you better, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help!!

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