Fire extinguisher seals: regulations and suitable models

Inspection of fire extinguisher seals


In 2017, the Spanish fire protection regulations were updated by the Government and the maintenance requirements of active protection devices such as fire extinguishers were updated. In this sense, security seals play an important role, since they are responsible for ensuring that these protective devices are not manipulated, and they certify their proper condition. What should fire extinguisher seals be like? Which models meet the requirements?

Maintenance of fire extinguishers and security seals

The Regulations for fire protection installations (Royal Decree 513/2017, of May 22) specified the quarterly and half-yearly maintenance requirements of active fire safety systems. If we take a look at the section reserved for the inspection of fire extinguishers, we see that every three months the following checks are required to be carried out:

  • That the extinguishers are in their assigned place and that they do not show apparent signs of damage.
  • Which are adequate according to the risk to be protected.
  • That they do not have obstructed access, are visible or are marked and have their driving instructions in the front.
  • That the operating instructions and signage are legible.
  • That the pressure gauge is in the operating area.
  • That the metal parts (nozzles, valve, hose, etc.) are in good condition.
  • That there are no missing or broken seals indicating usage.
  • That they have not been totally or partially discharged.

As we can see, the presence of fire extinguisher seals in good condition is an essential requirement for passing the required control. In addition, these devices must meet some basic requirements in order to be considered as seals suitable for fixing on fire extinguishers.

Types of fire extinguisher seals

Fire extinguisher seals are part of the class of seals for use in emergencies of which we wrote in our previous post. This type of seals provides evidence of any attempt at manipulation and serves as an identification method (inseparable from the regulation nameplate or label).

However, the distinguishing feature of fire extinguisher seals is that they have a limited tensile strength which allows them to be quickly facilitates opened in the case of intentional breakage. That is why fire extinguisher seals are made of plastic and the strip has balls or notches to make it easier to break.

The Precintia models which are used as security seals for extinguishers are:

  • Pull Tite extinguisher seal: made of polypropylene, this seal has a tensile strength of 4 to 6 kg. The flag is 39 × 22 mm (with a usable area of 17 × 22 mm for printing) and models are available with several different strip lengths: 150 mm, 240 mm and 300 mm. They are available in five different colours: light blue, dark blue, red, pastel yellow and light green.

Pull Tite fire extinguisher seal

  • Pull Fly fire extinguisher seal: this seal can have a tensile strength of 4.8 kg (polypropylene) or 6 to 8 kg (nylon). The flag is 24 × 12 mm and the strip is 115 mm long. It is available in light blue, red, green, yellow, grey and white.

Pull Fly fire extinguisher seal

If you are looking for fire extinguisher seals, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you choose the most suitable one.

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