How to improve the security of your e-commerce shipments

How to improve the security of e-commerce shipments

Properly managing shipments and returns is a challenge for many e-commerce companies. If we transfer our point of view to sectors that deal with high-value products, transportation is complicated: not only must the goods be completely protected, but it is also necessary to certify that they have not been manipulated by improper hands. In the same way, returns are critical for this type of product: even minimum damage can spoil its resale.

How can we mitigate these risks? How can we manage secure shipments and returns in e-commerce companies that handle high-value products? We propose that the key is to combine different passive security devices: let’s take a look.

3 Products to secure shipments and returns in e-commerce

With both of these goals in mind, Precintia has designed a kit for secure e-commerce shipping that addresses two essential issues:

  • Ensure no manipulation nor opening of shipping packaging during transport.
  • Guarantee that the product has not been used at the time of the return.


1. Courier envelopes with permanent adhesive

Security courier bagOne of the most used packaging formats for online stores are courier envelopes. These are made of polythene, due to its resistance. It’s an opaque plastic that you can’t see through, and that you can write on. The feature that gives it every more security is that their lock is a high impact adhesive, so they can only be used once.

In Precintia we have high security courier envelopes in a standard size, suitable for you to transport documentation or valuables such as jewels (35 x 45 x 4 cm.). However, it is possible to tailor them according to the client’s needs and add customization.


2. CKR security label

Security label for e-commerceSecurity labels or Void labels are one of the most used passive security devices to show evidence tampering. Removing the sticker reveals text with the word “void” repeated. There are different types of security labels as we have shown in our blog and they have two main uses in the world of e-commerce:

Security labels for shipments: they are placed on the outer packaging to prevent the package from opening during transport.

Security labels for returns: the labels will travel within the original package in order to certify that any return is carried out correctly.

The most versatile security tag model for online stores is the CKR. It is a security sticker that leaves residue when it is removed.


3. Security seal as guarantee

We highlight the security seals as a method to ensure that the products have not been used when making a return. For example, security strap seals are used in the jewellery sector. If the seal that accompanies the product appears open or damaged, this can legally authorize the cancellation of the return process.

Pull Fly security seal on a watchThe Ten Lok or Pull Fly models offer an extra level of protection: they are available in different sizes and colours.

Do you need extra security for shipments from your online store? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you find the best solution for your needs.


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