Petty Theft and how to reduce it through Passive Security

The use of security seals is the most practical and cost-effective solution to combat petty theft.


Pilfering is a recurring and growing problem in many industries, particularly those that handle large volumes of inventory and goods. This phenomenon, characterized by the constant theft of small quantities of products, can generate significant losses over time, directly affecting companies’ bottom line. In this context, the implementation of passive security strategies, such as security seals, presents an effective and cost-efficient solution to mitigate these losses.

Operational Impact of Pilfering:










At the operational level, pilfering generates a series of challenges. Among them are:

1) Inventory Deviation: The continuous theft of small quantities of products can lead to discrepancies in inventory levels, complicating logistics management and affecting production planning and stock replenishment.

2) Increased Costs: The constant need to replenish stolen products raises operational costs, affecting business profitability.

3) Reduction in Staff Morale: The awareness of internal thefts can lower employee morale and create a work environment of distrust and demotivation.


Financial Impact of Pilfering:

The financial impact of pilfering can be devastating for companies. It is estimated that these losses can represent up to 2-5% of total revenue, depending on the sector. This percentage, although it may seem small, translates into significant sums that directly affect the profitability and financial health of the company.


Passive Security Strategy: A Cost-Effective Solution

Implementing a passive security strategy, based on the use of security seals, offers a practical and cost-effective solution to combat pilfering. Security seals, when applied at critical points in the supply chain, offer multiple benefits:

1) Theft Deterrence: The visible presence of security seals acts as a deterrent to potential thieves, reducing the incidence of thefts.

2) Control and Monitoring: Seals allow for stricter inventory control, facilitating early detection of anomalies and possible thefts.

3) Product Integrity: Ensures that merchandise arrives intact at its destination, maintaining product integrity and customer satisfaction.


Profitability Comparison between Active and Passive Security

It is important to understand the difference between active and passive security to evaluate their profitability. Active security includes systems such as surveillance cameras, alarms, and security personnel. These systems, although effective, require significant initial investment and ongoing operational costs, such as maintenance and salaries.

On the other hand, passive security, such as security seals, involves much lower investment and practically no additional operating costs. Seals are easy to implement and maintain, and offer a high return on investment (ROI) due to the immediate reduction of pilfering losses.

1) Initial and Operating Costs:

  • Active Security: High initial and operating costs (technological equipment, salaries, maintenance).
  • Passive Security: Low initial costs and almost no additional operating costs.

2) Effectiveness in Deterrence:

  • Active Security: High, but depends on constant vigilance and operability.
  • Passive Security: High, as the mere presence of seals deters theft attempts.

3) Return on Investment:

  • Active Security: Moderate in the long term, subject to ongoing operational costs.
  • Passive Security: High and fast, with a quick recovery of invested capital through immediate reduction of losses.


Pilfering is a serious challenge for companies, with operational and financial impacts that cannot be ignored. However, by implementing passive security strategies, such as the use of security seals, companies can protect their assets, improve profitability, and ensure the continuity of their operations with minimal investment. At Precintia, we are committed to providing innovative and effective solutions to help companies face these challenges and ensure their long-term success.

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