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As manufacturers of security seals, ensuring the quality of our products is a top priority for us. We often come across existing or potential customers who, following recent trends, seek to minimize costs wherever possible, often at the expense of quality. But are we fully aware of the consequences of such an approach?

In terms of security, one of the main things we focus on is providing high-quality plastic and metal security seals. Our ultimate goal is to ensure valuable goods are secured with products that can prevent fraud or tampering.


Quality and Selling Price


Precinto metálicoWe are referring more to the costs of cargo transportation security. Although we agree that it is essential to reduce costs whenever possible, we may be at risk when doing so.

When it comes to securing cargo in transit, some organizations choose a cheaper seal option, but it’s important to ensure that the security seals being used on trailers or containers are of high quality.

However, this is not the case for most companies. Many companies are still using low quality cheap seals, putting their goods at risk.

Remember that low-cost seals have a price that is “low quality.”

They will break easily due to the cheap materials used to build them.

Considering this, how can we rely on security seals of such low quality ?


How are you going to prevent theft from breaking the seal?

Precinto de seguridad click-lok 3.

  • We use the best quality plastic for all our plastic seals with a manufacturing process specifically designed to give greater resistance to seals
  • All of our seals go through rigorous quality control to ensure that our products fulfill their mission.
  • Precintia provides seals that also show evidence of tampering, allowing organizations to recognize if the security seal has been tampered with, with greater security of laser marks and barcodes.


We guarantee the safety of the cargo in transit.

We supply many different types of security seals for all different types of application.

Precinto de seguridad Witty Lok para cumplir con la actualización del SAE para la exportación de carne.


In our opinion, a security seal that can be easily broken cannot be considered a true seal.

Its purpose, which is to ensure the safety of cargo in transit, cannot be fulfilled if it’s not of high quality.

That’s why we recommend choosing a seal that guarantees top-notch service and ensures the protection of your cargo throughout the journey.



If you’re still unsure about why security seals are so effective in preventing unauthorized tampering, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re more than happy to help you find the perfect seal for your product or merchandise.


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