Security bags: types, key features and selection guide

Security envelopes for transport

The security bags are intended for the transport of valuables, cash or confidential documents, samples and medicines, to prevent any attempt at manipulation or unauthorized opening. For this reason, security bags incorporate special elements such as ultra-secure locks integrated into the zip fastener or flap and are made of extra-strong materials to guarantee enhanced durability.

Safepak, the Precintia range of security bags, has many different types, depending on format, size, colour, materials and features. Continue reading to learn about the main elements of the security bags and models available depending on the application.


Key elements of security bags

When selecting the ideal type of security bag, you should take into account the features of their main elements:

Locking system: security bags are differentiated according to the type of lock that ensures the protection of the contents. We refer to the following integrated seals:

  • Secure zip locking: a specially designed seal for inserting in the zip pull tab and so that it is fixed horizontally and cannot be slid open. The Safepol and Envopol (smaller) model seals are designed for this function.
  • Locks for bags with flap: for security bags which close with a flap, compact Envopol seals are used.
  • Locks for strap-type seals: seals such as Ten Lok and Pull Fly are fitted to the pull ring of the seal. In this way, any attempt to open the zip is prevented. Strap seals can also be applied to bags for mail or air transport since these do not have zip fasteners.

Seal applied to a security bag

Form and size of the security bag: the shape and size of each bag will depend on the contents the bag is to carry. A good examples is security pouches, whose dimensions are based on standard document sizes. Cash bags are another example.

Material and colour: most of the security bags are made of strong synthetic fabrics such as nylon or PVC. Some models have an isothermal inner coating to ensure control of the inside temperature.

Handles or rings: most security bags models have handles for easy handling or rings for easy tying.

Transparent pocket for labelling: each bag has one for inserting accompanying documentation and the identification label for transport.


Main types of security bags depending on their shape and application

The Precintia Safepack range offers various types of security bags designed for extra secure transport:

1. Flat security bag

Flat security bagThe flat security bag is intended for sending any kind of documentation, including confidential correspondence, medicine and cash. Owing to its dimensions (300 × 335 mm or 370 x 270mm), it has no bottom, so is unsuitable for transporting large quantities.

2. Trapezoidal security bag

This type of security bag is able to carry larger amounts of documents or cash. The trapezoidal shape makes it more versatile than the previous model.

Red trapezoidal security bag

3. Security pouches

Security pouches are the most commonly used for sending confidential documents, as well as medicines, cash and other valuables. They are rectangular in shape and have an integrated security lock with Safepol seals that provide evidence of any tampering attempt and fixes the seal. There are various models, some of which have more pleats than others.

Standard security pouch Security pouch with pleats

4. Isothermal security bag

Isothermal security bags maintain a constant inside temperature. They are specially designed for the transport of medicines and laboratory samples, and are used above all in the fields of research and healthcare.

Isothermal security bag

Packaging using security bags is widely used in all types of activity needing to send sensitive documents. They are also used in areas such as healthcare, banking and finance, the airline industry and research. However, their versatility makes them suitable for all types of object requiring extra security and protection for transporting. And, of course, if you need them to be customised, do not hesitate to contact us: we can adapt the size and colour and even add your company logo. We look forward to hearing from you!

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