Sizes of plastic seals: What should we be looking for when choosing?

Worker checking the dimensions of plastic seals

When selecting security seals, one of the first issues that comes to mind is the selection of the type according to its shape and the security it provides. The question which then arises is: What size options are there for plastic seals? What should we be looking for when choosing one size or another? Let’s have a look in detail.

Sizes of plastic seals with adjustable strip

Strap-type security seals are the most widely used due to their enormous versatility. Within this group are those that have an adjustable plastic strip. It is manufactured with two main components: the strip itself and the casing into which it is inserted. Depending on the mechanism, the strip can be adjusted to a greater of lesser extent depending on where it is to be fitted.

Ten-Lok plastic security sealAs to size, we must look carefully at two points:

  • Size of the flag and marking area: the flag is the part on which information relating to the identification of the seal is printed. It usually has a more or less rectangular shape. It is important to bear in mind the space available for marking, since it is usually slightly smaller than the size of the flag. In any case, our team of advisers will guide you on the minimum sizes for the information which you need to display.
  • Size of the strap and diameter: Two numbers that must be taken into account are the length and diameter of the strip. These are marked in millimetres. The tensile strength of the seal will depend on its thickness and the material it is made from. For example, the Ten Lok RFID model with a 2 mm strip has a tensile strength of 21 kg, while the Secure Tite is 7 mm thick and is much stronger.


Sizes of security bolt seals

The manufacturer of security bolt seals, widely used in the sealing of maritime containers, is governed by international regulations that control their validity for international transport (ISO/PAS17712 and C-TRAT regulations). Since the format is different from strap seals, whether metallic or plastic, the dimensions to be checked are the length of the shaft and the diameter of the shaft and the head.

Since Precintia models are approved, complying with the requirements set by international standards is a given. Information is marked on this type of seal in the reserved area of

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