The three main regulations for tachographs and their seals

A driver drives a vehicle under the tachograph regulations

Tachographs are devices incorporated into certain vehicles for the purpose of providing information about the vehicle and its driver: the number of kilometres it has travelled, the stops it has made, what its speed was, among other factors. Therefore, various different tachograph regulations apply to their installation and operation. The presence of tachographs is mandatory for vehicles weighing over 3,500 kg, or which transport more than 9 people, including the driver, according to the Spanish Ministry of Public Works.

Tachograph security seals guarantee the protection of the device against tampering to ensure that the data they reflect is real. What are the main regulations currently applicable to tachographs? Let’s take a look at them.

What are the main regulations for tachographs?

There are several regulations regarding the design and use of tachographs, since these regulations are planned at the local and international level. So we will find:

– Tachograph regulations in Spain: Royal Decree 125/2017

It specifies the technical requirements and operating standards which must be met by tachograph technical centres. RD 125/2017 determines:

  • Requirements for installation, verification and repair of tachographs.
  • Requirements concerning personnel managing them.
  • Certification requirements.
  • The requirements of intervention teams.

The role of the security seal as evidence of tampering or an attempt to tamper with the tachograph.


– Standard UNE 66102:2017

UNE 66102: 2017 addresses the management system for tachograph technical centres. This standard provides information on what the sealing should be like and the marking required.


– Tachograph standard EN 16882:2016

It is a European standard that establishes the technical specifications in relation to the seals that are used in the tachographs with the purpose of improving their security.

This tachograph regulation specifies the various tests that security seals must undergo. For example, their resistance to contact with various liquids, their behaviour at different temperatures, their resistance to humidity, and how they react to the vibrations of the vehicle are checked… After passing these tests, the “T” marking, encompassed in a circle, may be added to the tachograph seals as proof of certification.

Kit with seals for tachographs

Precintia has carried out the tests called for by the standard and was one of the suppliers of seals for tachographs which took part in the European technical meetings. The seals can be customized and the marking must be performed at Precintia as an authorized supplier.

The models of seals analyzed were the Euro ToolLess (seals for the gearbox), plug support seals and 7 mm plugs. These three models are part of Precintia’s kits of seals for tachographs.

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