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Classification of documents

Classification of documents

Classification of documents

Available colours:

Classification of documents

  • Ergonomic system of pigeon holes that guarantee:
    • image
    • security
    • order
    • time and space savings.
  • With auxiliary furniture adapted for better use of space and trolleys for the delivery of merchandise or documents.
  • Removable lockers composed of:
    • trays
    • lateral
    • signaling signs
    • trims
  • Usually it is sold together with suitcases.
  • Ideal for use to preserve documentation for document classification.


  • Offices of bank headquarters or savings banks
  • logistics centers
  • postal offices, … etc.

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  • Clip seal specially designed for securing plastic storage boxes. Its four anchor points provide more security. Pre-cut for easy opening.
    Plastic storage boxes in various sizes and colours, ideal for the Postal Sector for the classification, storage and transport of mail and other miscellaneous uses.


  • Made with a high resistance steel grid, coated with grey epoxy with adjustable trays that permit spaces for classification to be adjusted according to the needs.
  • Its easy assembly allows you to add as many columns as necessary and vary the final structure as many times as you wish.
  • The trays can be flat or they can incorporate a hook, which allows you to keep the pouches open and thus, in addition to facilitating classification, to gain time in the distribution of mail and/or items, avoiding oversights.
  • Labels specially designed to fit the pigeon holes make classification easier.
    They are made from methacrylate with 2 self-fastening steel rings and available in a wide range of colours.

MEASUREMENTS: Height 102 cm, width 32 cm, depth 45 cm.


  • Multifunctional, resistant and with tilted upper part to facilitate access to the lower part.
  • Upper basket measuring 56.5 x 39 x 25.9 cm and lower grey wooden platform.
    We also have a version with two horizontal baskets and a vertical basket.
    Optionally, we have hanging folders in sets of 5 units made of Nylon or PVC.

MEASUREMENTS: Height 99 cm, length 86 cm, width 55 cm.



  • Trolley manufactured in steel with red vinyl finish. Tilted upper part to facilitate access to the lower part.
    * 1 lower platform
    * 1 lower platform + 1 upper work table
    * 2 baskets
    * 1 platform + 1 basket
    * 1 platform + 1 modular pigeon hole
  • STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Upper basket measuring 96.5 x 43.4 x 27.5 cm and lower grey wooden platform.
    Optionally, we have hanging folders in sets of 5 units made of Nylon.

MEASUREMENTS: Height 100 cm, length 125 cm, width 52 cm.


  • Sturdy construction in tubular steel, ensures resistance up to 300 kg for the security of heavy parcels. All 4 wheels swivel.

MEASUREMENTS: Height 90 cm, length 91 cm, width 61 cm.


  • Large capacity, ideal for distributing large volumes. Great manoeuvrability thanks to its 2 fixed wheels and 2 swivel wheels. It has two horizontal baskets and a vertical basket.

MEASUREMENTS: Height 99 cm. Length 80 cm. Width 57 cm.





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