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Courier envelope with permanent adhesive

Courier mail envelopes

Courier envelope with permanent adhesive

Courier envelopes for sending documents or other items.

Available colours:

Courier envelope with permanent adhesive

  • It is the ideal envelope for the communication of documentation or belongings.Ideal for use in messaging, services
    postcards, substitute for paper envelopes.
  • Black coextruded blank envelopes with 320 gauge permanent adhesive Options: No printing.
  • Made with a triple side weld which gives the envelope great resistance.
  • Courier envelope with permanent adhesive allows writing by hand.
  • Impossible to reuse thanks to its high impact adhesive.
  • If you need to customize a similar envelope you can contact with us.

Item available in stock


  • White courier mail envelope: 35 x 45+4 cm ASOB001056


Special sizes:

Option of manufacturing other sizes and designs, on request.



  • Polythene
  • Envelopes in stock: white 320 gauge (80 µm).
  • With permanent adhesive.
  • Packaging: Bags of 100 units and boxes of 500 units.



  • Courier envelope  White: 35*45+4cm ASOB001056

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