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ENVOPOL security bag seal

Seal for bags with security locks

Producto Precinto para bolsas seguridad ENVOPOL - Aéreo y Catering|Alimentación|Marítimo y Terrestre|Metrología|Postal|Laboratorios y Químico|Sanitario y Farmacéutico|Retail y Venta Online|Transporte de fondos y banca

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    ENVOPOL security bag seal

    • ENVOPAK special security lock seal for bags and pouches.
    • Apply pressure to use. It allows numbering and/or logo and barcode.
    • The materials used are of high quality, recyclable and non-polluting.
    • Our bags incorporate different patented security locking systems, which applied to the zip, display signs of unauthorized opening.

    Applications ENVOPOL security bag seal:

      • Transport of pouches, documentation, specially designed to be integrated into our modular pigeon hole system.

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    Security seal for fastening bags and pouches with ENVOPAK seal.

    Short or long flag
    • Polystyrene




    • It can be thermal printed, digital thermal printed or injected ink printed.
    • The ENVOPOL L elongated version allows the printing of barcode and logo.
    • The standard version allows consecutive numbering and logo.


    • Envopol Dark Blue APRE000002411
    • Envopol Yellow APRE000022945

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