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FISH anchor-type seal

Anchor-type seal

FISH anchor seal

Plastic seal for fastening drums

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    • The FISH anchor-type seal is optimal for closing openings, measuring 3.5 x 15.5 mm. As well as for reinforcing locking rings, such as for drums for liquids, barrels, steel drums, fibre drums, 20-2001.
    • Material: HOSTALEN PP polypropylene. A branded polypropylene is used, and reliable fixing properties with temperature resistance -30 ° C + 45 ° C are used.
    • Easy manipulation using the concave head.
    • Stable standard seal for turnbuckles on most drums, hobbocks, barrels from 20L to 200L with a normal / large locking lever.
    • The FISH anchor seal is very easy to press into the opening and anchors effectively due to the long angles. The seal has a predetermined breaking point (pat.) Under the head and can therefore be unscrewed by hand. This eliminates cutting tools and the risk of injury.
    • The stamp has a hole in the tip for attaching a label or for securing ties with sealing wire.
    • Meets strict specifications in accordance with ISO 9001, as well as EMAS and OHRIS certified manufacturing operations.
    • Easy application due to the elasticity of the seal.
    • Manually breakable seal (patent) or easily separable with knife or tool.
    • 4 mm diameter hole for attaching label.
    • Printing of logo on request.
    • Available colours: Black, red, blue. Check availability of other colours.

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