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LILO SIGILLO traceability identification label

Identification labels

ham with the LILO SIGILLO traceability identification label applied

Food traceability identification labels

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    LILO SIGILLO traceability identification label

    • Label for the guarantee of total product quality. Cost-effective identification system consisting of the application of labels customized with the Pic2000 machine.
    • It can be applied to all types of support material: rope, plastic or cotton mesh, microperforated sacks and/or polythene bags.
    • Manufactured in plastic welded by ultrasound and with tamper-proof seal.
      Complies with Regulation 178/2002 of the European Parliament on Food Traceability (Art. 18, 19 and 20). Mandatory labelling of meats: Reg. EC No. 1760/200 of 17/07/2000 and Reg. EC No. 1825/2000 of 25/08/2000.
    • Applicable for containing all the information, both of the product (origin of raw materials, preparation, date of packaging, expiration of the product…) and current legislation. Applications: sausages and cheeses

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    • 28 x 30mm
    • 50 x 40mm
    • 55 x 80mm
    • 29 x 19mm




    • Manufactured in certified plastic for food use in compliance with European and FDA (US Food Drug Administration) regulations.Ecological and 100% recyclable.
    • Unalterable material in normal production environment, does not activate metal detectors, non-degradable.
    • It is easily integrated into the production cycle of food products.
    • It satisfies the diverse needs of a company in terms of marketing, production and food quality guarantee.



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