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NIFTY-LOK adjustable cable seal

Adjustable cable type security barrier seal

Producto Precinto de cable ajustable NIFTY-LOK - Administración Pública y Cuerpos de Seguridad|Aéreo y Catering|Alimentación|Marítimo y Terrestre|Postal|Laboratorios y Químico

Metal seal

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    NIFTY-LOK adjustable cable seal

    • Applicable for land, air and sea transport especially for valves and tanks.
    • One-piece indicative seal.
    • Composed of an aluminum body and non-preformed braided cable.
    • It has a secure locking mechanism.
    • Its main advantage lies in the ease of placement, flexibility and versatility.
    • Offers strong tensile strength and maximum safety for loading.
    • Once the cable is threaded through the holes in the body of the seal, it traps the steel cable and prevents it from slipping.
    • Wide range of colors.
    • It requires special tools for its opening.
    • Indicative NIFTY-LOK adjustable cable seal laser marked with name, consecutive numbering and / or barcode.
    • Possibility of two-sided marking.
    • Laser marking increases security as it cannot be erased.
    • The Nifty Lok® seal is approved by North American and British customs.

    In the following table we compare the different models of Precintia metallic indicative seals, recognized by customs:

    Model Type Material Tensile strength
    Win Lok Wire rope seal Aluminum and steel cable 150 kg.
    Ball Seal Metal ring seal Sheet steel 85-125 kg.
    Shipping-Lok Metal ring seal Polypropylene and sheet steel 72 kg.
    Nifty Lok Wire rope seal Aluminum and steel cable 120-150 kg.

    Applications NIFTY-LOK adjustable cable seal:

    • Valves
    • Hoppers
    • Drawers
    • Drums
    • Containers
    • Truck doors
    • Fuel caps

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    • Body 25.2 x 13 mm.
    • Strip 300mm
      Strip diameter 1.6mm.


    • Possibility of different cable lengths.
    • Material: aluminum body and braided steel cable, laser marked.
    • Tensile strength 120-150 kg
    • Consult other colors.


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