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PULL TITE adjustable strap seal

Adjustable indicating strap seal.

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Indicating seal in polypropylene

Available colours:

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    PULL TITE adjustable strap seal

    • Adjustable indicating strap seal.
    • Multifunctional and universal use.
    • It offers maximum security against tampering.


    • The PULL TITE Adjustable Flange Seal is an economical, adjustable-length indicative plastic security seal.
    • It guarantees that the contents of the sealed valuables have not been tampered with.
    • Marking in laser or thermal printing or injected ink with consecutive numbering.
    • 7-digit thermal printing.
    • The adjustable flange-type seal’s laser marking system offers a very high level of security. It cannot be erased.
    • Mat of 10 units.
    • Flag size 39 x 22mm.
    • Strip length 150mm 240mm and 300mm.
    • Tensile strength from 4 to 6kg
    • Minimum order 1,000 units to 2,000 units.
    • Customized from 3,000 units.

    Applications PULL TITE adjustable strap seal:

    • sealing of fire extinguishers,
    • box labeling,
    • B.I.E (equipped fire hydrants),
    • wardrove,
    • valves,
    • money bags with zipper,
    • emergency doors,
    • fiber drums,
    • cash boxes.

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    Measurements: Pull Tite:

    • Flag 39 x 22 mm. Useful marking area: 17 x 22mm.
    • Strips: 150 mm, 240 mm and 300 mm.



    • Material: Polypropylene.
    • Injected ink, laser or thermal printing.
    • Tensile strength 4-6 kg
    • Check availability of other colours.



    Pull Tite 300mm Yellow Pastel APRE000009517


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