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ROTO SEAL rotary lock seal

Patented rotary lock seal

Producto Precinto cierre rotativo ROTO SEAL - Administración Pública y Cuerpos de Seguridad|Alimentación|Metrología|Laboratorios y Químico|Retail y Venta Online|Transporte de fondos y banca

Polyester plastic seal

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    • ROTO SEAL rotary lock seal
    • Patented rotary lock seal ideal for sealing holes with small diameters :
      • such as meters (water, gas, electricity, petrol), taximeters, etc.
    • The seal consists of two pieces of plastic through which the wire is threaded manually.
    • Two component plastic seal.
    • Wires rotate around insert using Roto-Press.
    • The ROTO PRESS sealing machine wraps the wire inside the body, at the same time as it marks the coloured part.
    • Insert accepts die impression from Roto-Press.
    • Die can be engraved with 3 characters.
    • Different types of wires available:
      • non-conductive, corrugated or braided wires.
    • Applicable as a substitute for lead.The Roto-Seal is a plastic and wire seal that offers a safe alternative to lead seals.
    • These seals are etched with permanent laser marking.
    • Laser marking offers the highest level of security as it cannot be removed and replaced
    • Laser marking with 7-digit consecutive numbering and logo on the back.

    ROTO SEAL rotary lock seal available in stock.



    • Flag: 22.65 mm.


    • Polyester: transparent polycarbonate body. Insert: Coloured ABS
    • Laser marking with logo and space for 7 digits.
    • Check availability of other colours.



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    • Roto Seal APRE00009729


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