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SECUR HASP I padlock seal

Padlock indicating seal.

Producto Precinto tipo candado SECUR HASP - Aéreo y Catering|Alimentación|Marítimo y Terrestre|Laboratorios y Químico|Sanitario y Farmacéutico|Retail y Venta Online|Transporte de fondos y banca

Polypropylene plastic seal

Available colours:

SECUR HASP I padlock seal.

  • Ideal for holes and small openings.

  • Manual closing

  • Supplied with or without break point in galvanized wire.

  • Applicable for:the air sector (passenger transport), the land transport sector, the perishable products wholesaler sector such as non-perishable, food retailers, health services (hospitals and clinics), metrology and real estate.

  • Applications:

    • Small openings such as catering cabinets and beverages for airplanes.

    • Trolleys for sale on board.

    • Refrigerated trucks.

    • Closing of closets.

    • Key manipulation detector in custody or porter services.

    • Seals for ATM cassettes

    • Utility meters.
    • Aircraft liquor carts.
    • Drums.
    • Switches.
    • Valves.
    • and Seals for cash boxes.

  • Any substitute metal lock.
  • The SECUR HASP padlock indicating seal has a body in polypropylene material.
  • Galvanized Steel Wire
  • Different types of marking: thermoprinting and / or laser.






Secur Hasp I

  • Flag 37.5 x 25 mm.
  • Rectangular body
  • Body thickness of 5 mm. Steel wire with 1.15 mm diameter.


  • Thermal and/or laser printing options. Space for 7 digits.
  • Polypropylene.
  • Check availability of other colours.


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