Brida ajustable de seguridad WAY-LOK

Plastic Security Seals

Kits, flanges and indicative seals that ensure traceability and do not allow tampering. Anchor-type seals, anti-fraud clamps, buttons, tachograph and security bags seals.

Metal Security Seals

Metal security seals, with plastic, with cable. High security metallic barrier seals, with adjustable cable.

Security Bags

Bags for shipments, isothermal, courier o for sending documentation, medicines or cash. 

Security Labels

Unbreakable security labels, with or without residue, adhesive, VOID or traceability, identification harpoons.

Security Envelopes

High security envelopes for x-rays or medical records, for internal mail or the transport of money or confidential documentation.

Organise and Classify

Classifiers, organisers, boxes, trays, euro-dispensers or cash drawers for businesses or banks. Ergonomic and modular lockers.