We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.



At Precintia we also believe it. That is why we manage quality by being personally and professionally self-demanding in a constant and continuous learning process.


Quality is a process that requires proper management in order to offer the market a high quality and proven product.


Since the beginning we have always remembered that our customers are the basis of everything we do. For this reason, our efforts are focused on:

  • Ensuring that our products are guaranteed to fulfil their objective of security.
  • Studying the environment to which they will be exposed.
  • Submitting them to rigorous quality controls to ensure that they fulfil their mission.




Precintia is ISO 9001:2015 certified by Lloyd’s Register.


ISO 9001.2015 Precintia Español

ISO 9001.2015 Precintia English

Quality policy

Our industry meets the requirements of the Health Registry.

Precintia Health Registry Certificate pdf

Our metal seals comply with ISO 17712:2013 and CTPAT regulations.





In our laboratories we continually carry out the necessary tests to ensure that our products comply with quality regulations.


We perform different tests and trials such as:

  • Migration tests of our products that come into contact with food according to regulation 10/2010.
  • Strength tests with a 10-tonne dynamometer.
  • Inspection with barcode parameter checker.
  • Test with environmental chamber: analysis of prototype behaviour at extreme temperatures (-40 °C to +60 °C).
  • Tensile testing.
  • Plastic and metal inspection analytics and checking.




Since we manufacture our own products at Precintia we control the whole process:

  • From the purchase raw materials.
  • For the subsequent manufacture of our seals.
  • Until their launch on the market.


We believe that everything can be improved. That is why we maintain contact with our customers to plan the continuous development of our parts.