What are passive security systems and how do they work?

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A passive security system is one that is designed to discourage any threat to a particular good. In case such as attempt at tampering should occur, the system must make it difficult and delay it. In this sense, most of Precintia’s products pursue this common objective, which is why we are able to consider them to be passive security systems.

The concept of passive protection is widely used in very different industries and fields, the most characteristic of which is road security (although its meaning varies somewhat), but it is also applied to fire protection and even personal safety.


How to select the right passive security system

To determine the degree of protection required for certain goods, you have to answer some essential questions:

1. What must be protected?

For example, if we look at road transport (tachographs) or fire protection (extinguishers), passive security systems are determined by mandatory regulations.

2. How and when should we safeguard it?

To decide on which material and type of passive security system, you need to know what degree of protection is required by the goods and what conditions it will be subjected to. In this regard, it is important to take into account factors such as how long it will be installed for and under what conditions (ambient temperature is very different from below zero temperatures, for example).

Depending on the answer to this question, we will choose a basic strap seal or a high security barrier. The same goes for high security bags or envelopes; we will give preference to ordinary polythene or ultraresistant synthetic material alloy (PVC or nylon) depending on the strength required.

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3. How to identify an incident that affects the merchandise?

Passive protection systems discourage the unauthorized handling of goods mainly because, when this happens it leaves an identifiable mark as evidence of the security breach and triggers the alarms.

All Precintia passive security systems function in this way, since in one way or another they provide evidence of it.


Precintia’s passive security systems

Depending on the answer to the previous questions, we will select one system rather than another. The main Precintia passive security systems are:

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  • Security envelopes and bags: The shipment and transport of sensitive products and/or documents increases the need for security measures. Among these is the packaging in which it is transported and this is where security bags and envelopes come into the picture. For such confidential documents, security pouches suitcases are mostly used, while e-commerce and online businesses prefer opaque polythene bags with special strong adhesive.
  • Deterrent security labels: also known as void tags, these stickers usually go unnoticed. However, they play a very important role since they leave leaving a printed message if an attempt is made to remove them, thus warning of an attempt at unauthorized opening.

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