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BI-LOK fixed length seal

Fixed length indicating seal

Producto Precinto de longitud fija BI-LOK - Alimentación|Metrología|Postal|Laboratorios y Químico

Nylon indicating seal to protect electricity, water or gas meters, measuring and calibration devices or vehicle instruction bags.

Available colours:

BI-LOK fixed length seal


  • BI-LOK indicating seal.
  • State-of-the-art strap seal with two different fastening options.
  • It offers maximum security against tampering.
  • Applicable to the water, electricity and gas sectors as well as the automotive sector and the airline industry.
  • Laser marking with consecutive numbering (and three final digits in the body of the flag), and/or barcode.
  • The laser marking system offers a very high security level. It cannot be erased.
  • Tensile strength at room temperature from 9 to 11 kilograms.
  • Mats of 5 units.


BI-LOK fixed length seal Applications 

  • Seals for metrology
  • Traceability
  • Smart Meters
  • Tachographs
  • Gas Meters
  • Water Meters
  • Utilities
  • Electricity Meters
  • Food
  • Boxes
  • E-commerce (Jewels)

How to improve security in e-commerce returns management.

With the Bi-Lok seal it is possible to facilitate the subsequent quality control of the returned products.

The logistics process does not end with the arrival of the package back to the warehouse, but it has to go through a quality control that checks its condition and decides what to do with it.

If it is a return by default in the product, it will have a different destination than a return caused by the simple preference of the customer (by law, all e-commerce have to guarantee a return period of 14 days).

In this second case and, especially if it is high-value products, the online store can choose to send it sealed and demand its return with the seal intact.

In this way, the customer has been able to see it, touch it and try it, but has not used it: the product would return to the warehouse in the same state in which it was abandoned.


BI-LOK fixed length seal



• Flag 24 x 12 mm.
• Useful marking area: 20 x10 mm.



  • Material: Nylon.
  • 1.6 diameter strip.
  • Laser marking.
  • Tensile strength 11 kg
  • Check availability of other colours.


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