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CKNR non-residue security labels

Security labels

CKNR residue-free security labels

Security labels that provide evidence of tampering.

Available colours:

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    CKNR non-residue security labels

    • Personalized labels that reveal unauthorized manipulation by revealing a hidden message.
    • Different materials in its manufacture ensure the perfect suitability for its application on different surfaces.
    • CKNR residue-free security labels are suitable for use with coin boxes, ATM cartridges, airline doors / compartments, motor vehicle doors / compartments, food and beverage containers, first aid boxes, gauges and valves, metal, plastic or glass containers.
    • The face of the tamper evident security label can be written on with a regular ink pen.
    • Serial numbers, company name and logo can also be printed on the face of the label.
    • Bar code printing is also optional.
    • Customizable colors are available for large quantities.
    • Wide range of colors and sizes.
    • Possibility of customization.

    CKNR non-residue security labels available in stock


    CKNR security label:

    • 85 x 25 mm.
    • 120 x 40 mm.




    Security labels

    • It comes in rolls of 1,000 units. The minimum quantity required for customization is 3,000 units.
    • Can be customized with company name, logo text, consecutive numbering and barcode.
    • Can be manufactured in any shape and size.
    • Polyester Mylar with high strength adhesive.
    • Option of writing on the surface.
    • Ideal in applications between 0 °C and 80 °C (depending on the application they can operate between -30 °C and +100 °C).




    • Etiqueta de seguridad CKNR 85*25mm SETI000001201
    • Etiqueta de seguridad CKNR 120*40 mm SETI000001243

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