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F-350 / F-500 high security adjustable cable seal

Adjustable cable type high security barrier seal

High security seal adjustable cable F-350 / F-500

Non-preformed braided steel rope.

Available colours:

F-350 / F-500 high security adjustable cable seal

  • Ideal for air, land and maritime transport, as well as Public Administration and security forces and logistics.
  • Ideal for TIR seals, seals for trucks, seals for catering, seals for trolleys, seals for tankers, seals for containers, seals for air cargo containers, seals for railway wagons, gauges and valves.
  • Recommended for securing high value goods.
  • It requires tools for breaking such as shears.
  • Laser marking with consecutive numbering, and/or barcode.
  • F-350 / F-500 complies with ISO 17712 and C-TPAT standards.

General requirements set by the ISO 17712 standard for F-350 / F-500 high security adjustable cable seal

The ISO 17712 standard requires that the general characteristics of all security seals are as follows:

  • Security seals must be unique, difficult to imitate and must be marked with the corresponding information.
  • The design should be easy to review and determine whether it is being put to good use or its application is faulty. There is no room for doubt.
    Bottle-type seals must be a minimum of 18 millimeters in diameter.
  • For single use only: when removed, the seals should be destroyed and unusable again. They have to show clear proof in case of inviolability.
  • They must meet the resistance thresholds set by the standard and pass all the tests they are subjected to in accredited bodies.
  • 2,000kgs tensile break



• Body 26 x 26 mm.
• Cable: Diameter 3.5 mm and length 300 mm.


• Body 38 x 30 mm.
• Cable: Diameter 5 mm and length 300 mm


  • Option of different cable lengths.
  • Material: Aluminium body and non-preformed galvanized steel rope.
  • Laser marking.
  • F-350: Tensile strength 1,326 kg
  • F-500: Tensile strength 1,500 kg
  • Check availability of other colours.


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