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Isothermal bag

Isothermal bag

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Security bags for above-zero temperature control

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Isothermal bag

• For its security, economy and efficiency, SAFEPAK is the most used sealable bag system for sending documents, mail, money, medicine etc.
• Recommended for ensuring above-zero temperature control.
• The materials used are of high quality, recyclable and non-polluting.
• Our bags incorporate different patented security locking systems, which applied to the zip, display signs of unauthorized opening.
• Applications: Refrigerated transport of samples from laboratories, hospitals and any product that requires control of above-zero temperatures.

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Isothermal bag


Outside: PVC
Inside: Polyurethane foam plate, aluminic film and transparent PVC

Sizes that have been made: 220X250X200 mm.

If a special size is required, do not hesitate to check with us.



Isothermal bag with sealable fastener, handles, interior or exterior window and/or screen printing.


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