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TEN-LOK adjustable indicating strap seal

Adjustable indicating strap seal.

Producto Precinto indicativo brida ajustable TEN-LOK - Aéreo y Catering|Alimentación|Marítimo y Terrestre|Postal|Laboratorios y Químico|Retail y Venta Online|Transporte de fondos y banca

Indicating seal with casing to house the metal insert.

Available colours:


TEN-LOK adjustable indicating strap seal with casing to house the metal insert and prevent tampering of it.

This security seal has multiple applications and is used in a wide range of industries for its high quality and reliability when sealing.

  • Available materials: Polypropylene and Nylon.
  • It offers maximum security against tampering and ensures traceability of valuable goods.
  • Applicable for the food industry, cash-in-transit and/or banking, retail (online sales, superstores, retail), postal, airline and catering, chemical, logistics and land transport sectors.
  • Different marking options: Thermal, digital thermal and/or laser printing.
  • Laser marking which offers a very high level of security. It cannot be erased.
  • Available in four versions:
    • Ten Lok 1,
    • Ten-Lok ​​2,
    • Ten-Lok ​​5,
    • and Ten-Lok ​​7.

TEN-LOK adjustable indicating strap seal

Applicable  TEN-LOK adjustable indicating strap seal for

  • Iberian hams and / or shoulders.
  • Clothes, footwear and accessories.
  • Online sale.
  • Slaughterhouses.
  • Cutting rooms.
  • Sausages.
  • Ballot Boxes.
  • Sampling.
  • Mail / cash.
  • 1000 liter chemical containers.
  • Tanker ships.
  • Truck doors.
  • Tank trucks.
  • Fisheries / Aquaculture
  • Hunting
  • Taxidermy
  • Silos.
  • Aerial trolleys.
  • Emergency doors.
  • Crocodile boxes.

This indicative seal is an adjustable length plastic strap seal for use on a variety of applications, particularly those with a small aperature.


  • Food traceability.
  • Government Administrations.
  • Cash in transit and / or banking.
  • Retail.
  • Online sale / E-commerce / Shoponline.
  • Malls
  • Supermarkets
  • Postcard.
  • Air and catering.
  • Chemical.
  • Logistics and ground transportation.




Ten-Lok 1

  • Flag 54 x 22 mm.
    Strip: 290 mm
  • Useful marking area: 31 x 18mm

Ten-Lok 2

  • Flag 54 x 22 mm.
    Strip: 205 mm.
  • Useful marking area: 31 x 18mm

Ten-Lok 5

  • Flag 35 x 22 mm.
    Strip: 205 mm.
  • Useful marking area: 11 x 18mm

Ten-Lok 7

  • Flag 68 x 22 mm.
    Strip: 290 mm.
  • Useful marking area: 40 x 18 mm.



  • Wide range of versions. Three flags and two long strips available. 2 mm strip diameter.
  • Material: Polypropylene/Nylon
  • Option of marking logo, barcode and consecutive numbering.
  • Tensile strength from 8-16 kg to 13-26 kg (depending on the material)
  • Check availability of other colours.


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