Five uses of security seals you would never have thought of!

Youth thinking about more unusual uses of security seals

The applications of these little passive security devices are widely known. We usually associate them with gas and electricity meters, sealing doors of shipping containers and lorries or fire extinguishers… However, in this article we want to focus on those uses of security seals which you would never have thought of, that is, unless you were professionally involved in the following sectors. Let’s get started!


1. Emergencies: What is the role of the security seals?

Fire extinguisher sealsOne use of security seals which often goes unnoticed is their application in the field of medical emergencies. Security seals are fitted not only to first-aid kits, but security seals are a common requirement for all types of emergency equipment, such as fire extinguishers, parachutes and other first aid and rescue support kits.

These seals ensure that the contents of emergency equipment are in perfect condition and ready to be used. Similarly, they are designed to be easily breakable so as to avoid wasting time in an extreme situation.


2. Transport of biological and laboratory samples

The transport of biological and laboratory samples is subject to strict regulations which strictly monitory their security at all times. Security seals are used to correctly identify the contents of each package or bag and prevent them from being tampered with. An error in this type of transport could be lethal and give rise to a biosecurity hazard.


3. Monitoring of electoral processes

Uses of security seals on ballot boxesThe validity of any democratic vote depends on the electoral process being carried out with adequate guarantees to prevent fraud and interference. In this sense, using security seals to seal ballot boxes is essential. This security seal guarantees not only the origin of the ballot boxes, but also prevents attempts to tamper with the content inside the boxes. In addition, polls can be further secured by using security labels or void tags to prevent unauthorized opening.


4. Cash-in-transit

Cash in transit is regulated in order to prevent fraud during transport or losses in traceability. That is why the financial sector and specialized transport companies need to use security seals for the correct identification of cash operations.

Similarly, other passive security systems used in relation to the transport of valuables are pouches (e.g. for carrying confidential documents) and cash pouches.

5. Transport of artillery and ammunition

Security seals in the transport of ammunition and artilleryThe transport of artillery and ammunition is another use of security seals that is not widely publicized. However, the use of security seals in the armament industry is mandatory, since they need to secure the content of containers and packages, as well as the packaging containing weapons. In addition, the movement of artillery and ammunition is included in the transport of hazardous goods, which requires compliance with strict Defense Transportation Regulations and safety standards in addition to any other type of transport.




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