What’s the best security seal to suit my needs?

What’s the best security seal to suit my needs?

Before choosing our seal, we would have to know how and where we are going to apply it.

ask yourself:

What type of product needs to be sealed? What application will the product be given? Who is going to apply the seal? May they have grease or solvents on their hands when handling it? Under what conditions is the seal applied?

Choose the material of the seals: polypropylene, polyamide (Nylon) or metal.

It is important to know the environmental conditions, to which the seal will be exposed during its use and the degree of security that is needed in the application of the seal to advise on the most appropriate seal material.

What is the value of the content that needs to be sealed? Do you need it to have a specific number for its traceability? …or rather, do you need a special barcode?

Choosing the most suitable seal model

We have a wide range of products, designed for various applications, providing all kinds of solutions to our customers.

You already use a seal… are you using the right model for your intended use? There may be a cheaper seal that can do the same job.



Like these, there are many questions that go through our heads when we want to acquire a good seal. From PRECINTIA we can advise you on the best operativity. We work for all sectors with technologically advanced seals.





From the HEALTH sector, PHARMACEUTICAL… to the LOGISTICS and DISTRIBUTION sectors. Not forgetting the AGRI-FOOD, MEAT, TECHNOLOGY, BANKING sectors, etc.



Most important marking technologies.

We have the most advanced printing techniques, depending on the utility of the seal.

Any of our marking techniques guarantee your identification and traceability.

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