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TACOGRAPH seal kits

Tachograph seal kits

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Plastic tachograph seal kits complying with RD125/2017, UNE 66102:2017 and EN 16882:2016 regulations

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TACOGRAPH seal kits

  • Precintia offers tachograph seal kits which comply with new tachograph regulations.
  • RD 125/2017 which establishes the technical requirements and the regulations that must be met by tachograph technical centres.
  • UNE 66102:2017. Management system for tachograph centres.
  • EN 16882:2016. Road vehicles. Security of mechanical seals used in tachographs. Requirements and testing methods.
  • These seal kits (analogue and digital) are composed of a transparent box including euro tool less indicating seals, cap holder seal and 7mm caps for tachograph connections.

Eurotool tacógrafos

Why are tachographs and seals so important?:TACOGRAPH seal kits

Seals on trucks as part of ground transportation

We have security seals for trucks, which are installed on their doors to prevent unauthorized opening. But they are also installed inside your machinery; And it is that the plug-type security seals are integrated into the tachographs that collect the information on the activity of the trailer. The objective in this other case is to prevent manipulation of the data from these tachographs, which are highly regulated devices.

Precintia has carried out the tests of the standard and is among the manufacturer suppliers of tachograph seals that has been part of the European technical meetings. The seals can be customized and the marking must be done from Precintia as an authorized supplier.

The seal models analyzed were the Euro Tool Less (seals for the gearbox), the plug support seals and the 7mm plugs. These three models are part of Precinta’s tachograph seal kits.

TACOGRAPH seal kits not available in stock

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