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Below are the product families of Trailer Seals.

In the logistic sector it is very common to use security seals for containers, since it guarantees to the companies that their merchandise will travel, sometimes, thousands of kilometers without suffering any intrusion. The security seals are accompanied by a document that includes date, seal number and the responsible’s signature, document that certifies that the merchandise has not been opened until it has arrived to its destination.

Since its development, a great number of models, materials and customizations have been made. Plastic security seals are the most common, though metal security seals are also widely used in the logistics sector.

The seals for trailers that we have in stock, are:

1. TEN-LOK adjustable flange indicative seal.

2. WAY-LOK adjustable security flange

3. SECURE TITE adjustable flange indicative seal.

4. BIG TITE adjustable flange.

5. POLY LOK ring seal.

6- High security barrier seal CS3.

7. High security barrier seal CLIK-LOK.

8. High security barrier seal CLIK-LOK 3.

9. Adjustable cable seal WIN-LOK.

10. Adjustable cable security seal F-150.

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