Precintia Productos por familia

Find our product families grouped by application type.
Below are the product families of Valve Seals.

1. TEN-LOK adjustable flange 3.8.

2. Fixed length seal PULL GRIP 3.

3. Fixed length seal PULL GRIP 4.

4. Fixed length PULL GRIP VALVE.

5. Adjustable flange PULL TITE.

6. Fixed length seal PULL TITE.

7. WIN-LOK adjustable cable seal.

8. Adjustable cable seal NIFTY-LOK

Reactors, boilers, storage tanks, pipelines, and many other pressure equipment can be subjected to higher pressures than their design, with the corresponding danger of explosion. To avoid this type of accident, which can cause serious consequences, safety valves are installed to relieve excess pressure by discharging the fluid contained.

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