Advantages of laser printing on security seals

Advantages of laser printing on security seals

Security seals are key elements in the transmission of information about the products they are used with. This data is reflected in various ways in the flags or heads of each seal. Barcodes, logos, QR codes or numbering schemes are recorded using various marking technologies. In today’s post we want to highlight one of them. Let’s see in detail at the advantages of laser printing on security seals. Let’s get started!


What is laser printing on security seals?

Laser printing is the process by which a type of laser is used to emboss an image, pattern or information on materials such as plastic, metal or glass. The content to be recorded is normally programmed and modulated from a computer which controls the laser. The strength of the beam will depend on the material being marked.

Advantages of laser printing on security seals

The main advantages of laser printing on security seals are the following:

  • The printing is permanent and indelible, and very strong: laser technology creates impressions that do not degrade in contact with aggressive external agents such as solvents, oils and other corrosive substances. Nor are they affected by variations in temperature. For this reason, it is one of the most widely used marking systems in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.


  • It guarantees a high level of protection against the risk of counterfeiting: the information recorded with laser printing on security seals cannot be imitated or copied, so it constitutes a high security mark.


Laser engraving on security seals

  • Laser marking achieves very fast printing speeds: once programmed, laser technology achieves high-speed printing. Therefore, this high productivity is reflected in the price, which is not so onerous.


  • Laser printing is a very versatile technology. The technology is widespread in the industrial field due to its great versatility; it is applied to many different materials and surfaces.


  • It is an extremely accurate engraving system: it achieves high definition printing, which can be modulated depending on the material on which it is applied until very fine strokes are achieved. This makes it possible to capture a huge amount of data on a limited surface area.

Some limitations of laser printing on security seals

Despite the advantages of laser technology, some of its limitations should also be borne in mind:

  • There is a limitation to the colours which laser printing can apply to security seals; it can only be used on white, black and pastel colours (blue, yellow and orange).
  • Laser printing is recommended for single side printing; please consult us before printing on both sides.
  • Barcodes, numbering schemes and the name of the company can be included with simple letters or logos, with no infill. For barcodes no more than 10 digits should be included, lest the quality of the marking is reduced.


In any case, if you have any questions about which type of marking is the most appropriate for your security seal, feel free to contact us: We’ll be delighted to help you make your choice!

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