Main uses and formats of guarantee seals

Guarantee seals to prevent tampering

Guarantee seals are responsible for ensuring the authenticity of the product and also provide evidence of tempering. They are used in very varied sectors from food to electronics, among others. Guarantee seals may have various forms and materials depending on the product they are attached to, and also on the security they provide. Let’s have a closer look:

Types of guarantee seals

Guarantee seals can be considered as either security or indicating seals:

1. Security labels as guarantee seals

Security label for e-commerceGuarantee seals may also take the form of adhesive paper or plastic labels.

Security labels or void labels are one of the most versatile guarantee seals, considering the large number of sectors which use them. This is the most secure option when the main goal is to avoid unauthorized tampering of the product. Trying to remove the void label causes it to split into two layers, providing visible evidence of tampering. In addition, the adhesive used on these security labels have is ultra-strong.

2. Guarantee labels

Guarantee labels are those whose design guarantees the authenticity of the product. They are typically used as a protective measure against forgeries of a specific brand, since their intricate designs and holograms makes copying or reproducing them very complicated. They can also be combined with void labels and thus serve as a deterrent to tampering with the packaging and as a guarantee of the authenticity of the brand.

3. Retractable plastic or sleeve type guarantee seal

In the food sector, guarantee seals are essential to guarantee the good condition of the product and is also a deterrent to attempts at unauthorized opening.

One of the most widely used food safety seal formulas is the so-called sleeve. It is consists of a precut shrink-wrap plastic wrapping that ensures that bottles or containers are not opened before they are put on sale. In the wine sector, the guarantee seal is traditionally made of metal.

4. Guarantee seal with strap

Slide_TEN-LOK-RFID PrecintiaIn some cases, strap seals act as guarantee seals since they are customized with the identifying features of a brand. This is the case in the Ibérico ham sector, in which the unique combination of label and security seal for hams guarantees the certified origin of the product and the manufacturing process. In this case, both elements (label and seal) follow very strict identification rules which make them impossible to fake.


Guarantee seals are used mainly for two purposes: to ensure the originality of the brand and to prevent tampering of packaging or products. The format chosen depends on the final application and its adaptation to the product it is attached to.

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