New operative for a customer of ours from the food industry.

The client had the problem of being able to differentiate the pieces that did not pass the CONFORMITY of the established Regulations.

For this specific sector of the food industry, it is very important to identify each sales denomination and ensure the traceability that is so demanded by producers, and that benefits the consumer in the same way.

Blog Precintia - 4 precintos del ibéricoIn this industry, security seals play a fundamental role thanks to their versatility, they allow the efficient transfer of information related to the food in question and, in addition, ensure the absence of fraud.


The main objectives sought to comply with food traceability are:

  • Provide truthful information to the consumer.
  • Guarantee of the quality of the product (it works as a quality control system).
  • Test and prove the withdrawal of a food from the market.
  • Guarantee the supply chain from beginning to end through Bar Codes, QR Codes and/or NUMBERING.


But what happens when parts don’t pass quality standards?

Until recently, the customer indicated the information regarding the non-conforming product on a hardware store flange and a plastic envelope. This caused them significant inconveniences since, in the cages themselves, due to their own operations and various movements, they lost the plastic with the information.

Together we found the solution

when a product does not comply with certain specific certifications, whether from a Denomination of Origin or another, but which are still of high quality, it is possible to control its traceability.

This client asked us for advice for this reason and we found a solution for easy visual and computer identification.


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